Emergency Consultations and 24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care at the Vets Sale

At The Vets, we are available 24/7 for your pet’s needs. If your pet has a serious emergency such as:

  • a snake or tick bite;
  • is hit by a car; or
  • is seriously ill or having birth complications.

A vet is available to give advice on the phone and/or come in to the clinic to provide emergency care.

House Call Services

Our vet Dr Jeremy Mannix and his wife Nathalie undertake house visits around Sale for no travel charge. We also do a regular trip down to the beachside areas of Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Seaspray, Longford and Loch Sport every fortnight at no travel cost. Every first Thursday of the month, we visit Rosedale and a scheduled visit is at no travel charge. However, if it is not on a scheduled day, a travel charge will be applied. Please feel free to call us and check to make an appointment beforehand.

Contact us to make an appointment.