Home Visits and Outcalls

Why do The Vets come to you for home visits?

There are many benefits of having home visits, including:

  • your pet is more relaxed, comfortable and safe at home in their own environment.
  • the focus is ONLY on your pet at home for a thorough physical and behavioural examination.
  • makes it easier for those without transport or experiencing challenges such as age, sickness and disabilities.
  • reduces stress for both you and your pet.
  • avoids potential stressful encounters with other animals and smells at the clinic.
  • helps to build trust with our team as you will be seeing the same vet.
  • convenient for large pets or if you have multiple pets.
  • reduces mess in the car and avoids car sickness for your pet.
  • it is affordable and NO extra cost for pets visited within Sale City.

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